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There will be at least 5 BAD vaccine related bills introduced in the CAlegislature in 2022

Take Action to Help Stop them Today!


Through our discussions with legislative offices, legislator press interviews and leaks, A Voice for Choice Advocacy is currently aware of five BAD vaccine related bills being considered for the 2022 legislative session:


  A Voice for Choice Advocacy has four GOOD bills which we are trying get authored:

  • Religious/Conscience Belief Exemption Bill - Adds a religious/conscience belief exemption for all vaccines required to attend in-person K - 12 public or private school 

  • Immunity Bill – Replaces current school vaccine reporting with immunity (natural exposure and vaccination) reporting, including the ability to submit titer testing in lieu of vaccination, without a medical exemption.

  • Vaccine Medical Exemption Appeal Documentation Bill - Amends the CA Health & Safety code to clarify the allowable documentation to defend a medical exemption that does not meet applicable CDC, ACIP, or AAP criteria for appropriate medical exemptions, mirroring the § 1370.6 KNOX-KEENE ACT 318

  • Non Toxic School Cleaning Product Act Bill - Bans the use of quaternary ammonium compounds (“quats”) and sodium hypochlorite (“bleach”) from all schools and child care facilities in California.


  • Take Action TODAY: Build a relationship with your CA State Senator and Assembly Member starting NOW.  Your voice as a constituent is critical for them to hear, and will help A Voice for Choice Advocacy's efforts in the Capitol.  We can't fight this fight without YOU! Take the first step right now - don't wait for tomorrow...It won't take more than 3 minutes:

  • Enter your address into this website and identify your Assembly Member and Senator (

  • Click on the resulting links for your Assembly Member and Senator website and do the following three things:
  • Sign up for their newsletter/district updates 

  • Check for upcoming events (town halls, holiday events, etc) and find at least one to attend before the end of the year.  If they do not have any or do not have any that will allow you to easily interact with them, call and ask for an appointment with them, to share some of your thoughts regarding issues in their district (do not mention vaccines).

  • Find a non-vaccine mandate topic of interest to them by identifying their passions (look at previous legislation or what topics show up in their website feed) so when you meet them you can build a relationship on a neutral topic first.


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