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Brian Dahle

Brian Dahle


Los Angeles/Ventura County

Halla Maher

Thousand Oaks City Council

Matt Jacobs

U.S. Congress District 26

Lori Mills

CA State Assembly District 42

Cole Brocato

CA State Assembly District 38

Anthony Angelini

Conejo Rec and Park

Siaka Massaquoi

CA State Assembly District 43

Joelle Mancuso

Conejo Valley School Board

Lance Christensen

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Soo Yoo

CA State Assembly District

Karen Meyer

Conejo Valley School Board

Los Angeles/Ventura County

Orange County

Morgan Westmoreland and Dan Pearce

Ocean View School Board

Max Duncan

Aliso Viejo City Council

Tara Ricksen

Aliso Viejo City Council

Sonja Shaw

Chino Valley School Board

Scott Baugh

U.S. Congress District 47

Pat Bates

Supervisor Orange County

Janet Nguyen

State Senate District 36

Christopher Gonzales

U.S. Congress District 46

Orange County
Inland Empire

Inland Empire
(San Bernardino,Riverside, LA)

Lauren Gomez

Fontana Unified School Board

Vincent Tsai

State Senate District 22

Adrianne Fernandez

Ontario-Montclair School District Board of Trustees, Area 5

Mike McMahon

CA State Assembly District 41

Geovanna Nieves

Ontario-Montclair School District, Area 2

Jason Craig

Temecula Valley School Board Trustee Area 1

John Mark Porter

U.S. Congress District 33

Cynthia Navarro

Romoland School District

Ricky Estrada

Menifee City Council



Kevin Kiley

U.S. Congress District 3

San Diego

San Diego County

Amy Reichert

San Diego Supervisor District 4

Anthony Carnevale

Cajon Valley - Trustee Area 1- School Board

Autumn Ellenson

Lakeside School Board

Becca Williams

San Diego Unified School Board, District C

Sharon McKeeman

Carslbad School Board

Tracie Thill

Santee School Board Seat 5

Stockton/San Joaquin County

Stockton/San Joaquin County

Katherine King

Katherine King

Lodi Unified School Board, Area 3

Jeremy Duncan

Jeremy Duncan

Lodi Unified School Board, Area 4

Danne Barth

Danne Barth

Lodi Unified School Board, Area 5

San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo

Denise McGrew Kane

Atascadero Unified School Board

Dan Hathaway

Atascadero Unified School Board

Laurene McCoy

Paso Robles Joint Unified School Board

Jennifer Grinager

Templeton Unified School Board

Rebekah Koznek

Atascadero Unified School Board

Statewide Measures


Read the Pros & Cons:

Guide to California Statewide Measures

California Catholic Conference:

The Bishops of California urge a NO vote on Prop. 1

California GOP:

The CAGOP ballot initiative positions adopted today are:

Proposition 1 – Abortion Constitutional Amendment: OPPOSE

Proposition 26 – In-Person Sports Wagering: OPPOSE

Proposition 27 – Online Sports Wagering: OPPOSE

Proposition 28 – Funding for Arts and Music: NEUTRAL


The CAGOP ballot initiative positions adopted in April are:

Proposition 29 – Unionizing Kidney Dialysis Clinics: OPPOSE

Proposition 30 – Income Tax Increase/Electric Charging Stations: OPPOSE

Proposition 31 – Flavored Tobacco Ban: OPPOSE

CA Statewide Measures
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