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“Dear LAUSD Board Members, Superintendent, and Assistant Superintendents:

Do not transfer children to educationally inferior, remote learning instruction for failing to comply with an illegal Covid-19 vaccine mandate. In California, by law, independent study must be voluntary. Transferring 34,000 students to an overwhelmed, already failing independent study system only harms our students and does not make LAUSD campuses safer. Forced online learning is not equivalent to in-person schooling and deprives students of other on-campus services and activities crucial to students, both academically and socially.

Please also reconsider your decision to continue imposing this ill-conceived mandate which prevents students from participating in extracurricular activities with the same children they spend their entire school day with, simply based on their Covid-19 vaccine status. If these students are tested weekly, it makes no sense to prevent students who test negative from participating in extracurricular activities, activities which enrich their educational lives and may significantly impact their future. All students have the right to make their own health choices. Change the mandate to a recommendation.”

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